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horse trailer converted to coffee shop

2010 - 8.5' x 20' Beverage / Coffee Concession Trailer. Take advantage of this amazing offer and give us a call now! Start your journey and become a successful beverage entrepreneur when you purchase this. These vintage mobile bars are affordable options for running a coffee catering business on the streets. This unit was built in 2020 and was only used for a year! See details for specs. Look for mutually beneficial relationships. Make it yours by calling us now! Old Western Style 2013 8' x 16' Old Fashioned Soda and Funnel Cake Concession Trailer. This 22-foot enclosed cargo trailer is the perfect addition to take your current or new business to the next level. The biggest question youll need to address, is exactly how much equipment you need. Turnkey 2010 - 8.5' x 18' Mobile Cafe' and Catering Food Trailer for Sale in Colorado! Whether you eventually plan to offer a full-scale self-contained breakfast solution, or simply want to stick to coffee service, there are a few standard features for a coffee truck, trailer, cart, or wagon that we consider essential. See more details listed down below. This is a 6.5x5.9 converted horse trailer bar for sale, a mobile coffee bar designed for a client in the UK. Turnkey 1972 - 6' x 20' Mobile Gourmet Coffee and Espresso Trailer for Sale in Utah! $13,800 Item No: OK-P-426S2 Location: Oklahoma ADD TO DREAM LIST SOLD These horse trailer conversions are super hot right now! Preowned - 2018 6' x 12' Cargo Mate E Series Coffee Trailer for Sale in Arkansas! Brand new custom coffee trailers, mobile coffee shops, bar trailers & espresso trailers for sale by a leading food truck trailer manufacturer. Very Charming 2020 Horse Trailer Bar / Cute Mobile Beverage Concession Unit for Sale in New Mexico! Well Equipped 2020 - 7' x 16' WOW Cargo Coffee Trailer. 2010 - 8.5' x 20' Beverage / Coffee Concession Trailer for Sale in California!!! Boats are commonly made of wood, aluminum, steel, fiberglass or any combination of these materials. Call today for more details. Their objective is to provide our clients with a unique experience and a variety of options. Never Used 2020 - 8.5' x 12' Espresso and Coffee Concession Trailer for Sale in Arizona! Horse Box / Mobile Bar / Conversion / Catering Trailer Converted / Coffee Shop 5,500.00 2.75 postage 31 watching Fully Converted Horsebox | Catering Trailer | Coffee Trailer | Mobile Bar 4,800.00 Collection in person or Best Offer 17 watching Mobile Catering Trailer for Sale / Burger Van/ Food Trailer Butty Coffee Bar 4,250.00 0 bids This unit was originally a two-horse trailer prior to conversion. The floor plan shows details for the efficient layout that includes an under counter refrigerator, ice bin, work tables, 3 compartment sink and hand sink, powerful generator and coffee equipment: Coffee Brewer, Espresso Machine & Coffee Grinder. Turnkey Eye-Catching Retro-Style 2017 Mobile Bar / Beverage Concession Trailer for Sale in Arizona! With a little love (and paint), these horse trailers were given a second purpose! NEW in PACKAGING! Make it yours by calling us now! Some horse trailers even have built in beds at the front for use by horse owners when traveling. Eye-Catching Coffee Concession Vending Trailer with Porch and Roof Deck. Charming 1960 - 7' x 13' Converted Camper - Vintage Mobile Bar Trailer for Sale in Florida! It is the perfect way to bring a little whimsy to all special events. 8.5' x 16' Wells Cargo Coffee Mobile Cafe' & Bakery Concession Trailer for Sale in Utah! 8,999.00 + 2.76 Postage. 2021 - 8' x 17' Coffee Trailer / Commercial Mobile Cafe with Bathroom for Sale in Arkansas! It has brand new exterior and interior paint. The operators carry around a selection of deck chairs for lounging. Recycled and repurposed, these old horse trailers took on a whole new look! Very Charming 2020 Horse Trailer Bar / Cute Mobile Beverage Concession Unit. Check out this super clean 2018 - 5' x 8' coffee and beverage trailer! Vintage 1960 Shasta Camper Coffee and Espresso Shop Trailer. With the cost of living crisis affecting us all, and predicted to get worse Atwww.thebigcoffee.comwe love to research whats hot and happening in the For our New Year update, we thought wed take a look at the last 12 Coffee Pods what will you do with yours? Serve delicious slushies using this frozen beverage / Slush Puppy vending trailer! This conversiononly took about eight weeks! English Chinese. It comes withtop quality equipment to produce your top quality blends. Are vintage coffee trailers worth it? See more ideas about horse trailers, food trailer, coffee trailer. Perfect for weddings, holiday parties, corporate events, or any occasion! NEW 2023 CUSTOM ORDER 6' x 12' Coffee Espresso Concession Trailers for Sale in Florida! In the coffee business, this is something you should consider; the margins are so high in the coffee business, theres probably room to break off a percentage of sales in exchange for a sure-thing place to park and operate. Raise your glass to a successful mobile business with the assistance of this charming vintage 1982 Cherokee 4' x 9' horse trailer, converted into a mobile ice bar trailer! Gas bottle carrier with COMCAT 2 installation and certification, Ultra bright LED lighting to make your machine shine, 13amp electrical hookup (van can be traded from a standard plug socket). Best Food Trailers for Sale in California, Best Food Trailers for Sale in North Carolina, Best Food Trailers for Sale in Pennsylvania, Best Food Trailers for Sale near Los Angeles, Best Food Trailers for Sale near Columbus, Best Food Trailers for Sale near Philadelphia, Best Food Trailers for Sale near Washington. It is perfect for the street food vibe and some of our most popular conversions include, Coffee, Gin bar and street food kitchen. Stainless steel counter top with large storage drawers and utility drawer, versatile for a fridge or cash register. 2019 Haulmark 7' x 17 Beverage | Smoothie | Shaved Ice Trailer for Sale in California! Information found atwww.gov.uk/towing-rules, Tel:+44 (0) 1482 655020 Welcome back to Joy Bean Coffee Co. We are so excited to be serving up some locally roasted, organic coffee soon, but for now, we thought it was time to share another update on our horse. If you want to learn more about operating a mobile food business, check out our business plan section to see how you can create a custom plan for your coffee unit, or click here to browse our complete inventory of food trucks for sale. Start the coffee biz or your dreams with this super cute vintage horse trailer to espresso bar conversion! If you want to learn more about what its like to operate a coffee truck business, check out this podcast. Check out the before and after pics of this cool transformation below, originally shared on Imgur. Learn more about this unit by giving us a call now! Custom-Built 2020 - 9' x 16' Coffee Espresso Trailer. Make the smart move and give us a call now for more details! $38,498 Texas Unique Mobile Lemonade and Beverage Concession Trailer. Jul 25, 2016 - Explore Ashley Nelson's board "Horse trailer conversion", followed by 149 people on Pinterest. This vintage horse trailer bar for sale is built by us from scratch, without any blemish. 2020 6.5' x 9.5' Vending Kiosk/Concession Stand. See details below for more info on this unique item! Learn how you can it be yours by calling us today! Learn more about this unit by calling us today! The mobile bar provides a place to serve drinks and spirits at weddings and special events. In the coffee business, you probably dont need to spend tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars on a full-blown food truck, since most coffee businesses require little in terms of equipment: You can get a basic coffee cart off the ground with little more than an enclosed trailer, a coffee and espresso machine, and the room to store inventory, including the coffee itself, as well as all of the cups, lids, stirrers, cardboard sleeves, sweeteners, flavoring syrups, and assorted creamer options. Give us a call to get more specifics! This 1948 trailer has been given a serious makeover by Tinker Tin Trailer Co. Antlers, feathers, and rich wood accent this revamped trailer. Chrome finished Fracino grinder with 1 year warranty. Small as it is( about 600kg ), the horse trailer bar allows you to focus on your dream on wheels! vintage step vans; uaz 452 bukhanka; citroen food truck - original and new type h vans; peugeot j7 food truck; . Well-Maintained 2011 - 6' x 10' Coffee-Espresso Concession Trailer. Owners Steve and Monica Marty serve up freshly brewed coffee in this vintage 1963 Airstream trailer, pictured above. ft/29 kgm) at 4800 rpm. Digital Menu Board: Does Your Food Truck Need It? This converted trailer bar is ready for your next event! The project took about seven months and the newly minted trailer is named, Pegasus, after the winged horse from Greek mythology. "This is what we first got. The best thing? The conversion took about eight weeks and was built from a 10-year-old horse trailer. (3) Vintage Style Rootbeer Barrel Soda Concession Stands with Transport Trailer for sale in Colorado! Tel: +86-15093205134. Beautiful Vintage 1964 Terry Camper 7' x 13' Coffee Trailer with Sleeping Quarters for Sale in Louisiana! Keep the fun going anywhere you go with this fully-equipped ATCgooseneckUSC mobile bar and tailgating trailer! Make this the year you finally start that mobile food / coffee business you've been dreaming of! Become the next owner of this mobile beverage and smoothie trailer and earn money on your own hours! Vintage 1982 4' x 9' Mobile Ice Bar w/ Ice Glass Maker for Sale in North Carolina! Beautiful Vintage 1964 Terry Camper 7' x 13' Coffee Trailer with Sleeping Quarters. Well, there are creative types who are eager to buy them and either use them for their intended purpose or transform them into something else. EN. Additionally, the DS is about 30k less. A semi-permanent coffee cart stationed outside a large corporate office building or campus makes good sense for all involved. Have the perfect blend of strong coffee business and sweet success in of our well-equipped coffee concession trailers! 2008 7' x 16' Coffee and Breakfast Trailer | Mobile Food Unit for Sale in Arizona! Interior wall style, outer wall style and colors. The Hop Box has a full draught beer bar inside, and provides craft beverages mostly out of microbreweries. Vintage 1962 - 6.5' x 10' Shasta Compact Camper | Beverage Trailer. Look for events that either dont have an existing coffee vendor, or which can support multiple coffee operations. 775 well spent. But, of course, you have to see the inside for the full effect. The teardrop trailers from Off-The-Grid Rentals have a unique solar power setup that slides out from under the roof rack. coffee bike; vintage food trucks. See more details below. 2003 8.5' x 12' Old Fashioned Style Soda Wagon Mobile Turnkey Beverage Business for Sale in New Jersey! 232 Owners Share Top Reasons. Check out more details of the unit below. The Whole Cheese sells cheese at special events out of a horse trailer. Lightly Used 2017 - 8' x 20' Shipping Container Mobile Beverage Unit for Sale in New York! ACTIVE COFFEE TRUCK AND TRAILER LISTINGS. This summer I converted an old horse trailer for our cuties.. from r/goats. $60,500 Arizona 2008 7' x 16' Coffee and Breakfast Trailer | Mobile Food Unit. It was barely used and full ofassorted branded stainless steel mugs. You can customize it to your desire, even on a low budget. Turn Key Business - 2021 8.5' x 12' Coffee and Shaved Ice Trailer | Concession Trailer for Sale in North Carolina! DMX. The Horse Box trailer is an ideal small lightweight trailer to start a business and also gives you quirky appeal that is sure to get your business noticed. Turnkey Ready 6.5' x 11' Solar-Powered Coffee Vending Concession Trailer for Sale in California! If you're aiming to provide a nostalgic and refreshing mobile concession experience, then this 2013 8' x 16' old fashioned soda trailer is perfect for you! We like the 25-30 kw generator models from Onac Cummings and PowerTech, for their combination of power, relatively low price, and quiet operating noise. Round transparent windows with 201 stainless steel frame. 2013 12' Coffee and Espresso Vending Trailer / Mobile Cafe on Wheels for Sale in New Mexico! Cute Rustic Style 7' x 10' Traveling Tap/Mobile Beverage Concession Trailer for Sale in Tennessee! New - 2020 Mobile Coffee Shop | Coffee Concession Trailer. Well-Maintained 2011 - 6' x 10' Coffee-Espresso Concession Trailer for Sale in California! Obviously there was a lot of rust, and all but the shell was left for them to work with. This is your lucky day! A renovated horse trailer called Sip & Steer adds a distinctive touch to the mobile bar business. 2021 - 6' x 10' Beverage Concession Trailer / Coffee and Juice for Sale in Florida! Make it yours by calling us now! Similarly, a coffee cart can be a great addition to a corporate event, or to big functions like weddings, receptions, birthday parties, or anywhere else people congregate. A mobile nonprofit coffee shop built out of a two-horse trailer with a pay-what-you-can model. horsebox catering trailer conversion 9,500.00 Collection in person Catering Conversion Treble Rice Horse Box Trailer Food Truck Street Coffee 16,000.00 2.90 postage or Best Offer 337 watching Horse Box / Mobile Bar / Conversion / Catering Trailer Converted / Coffee Shop 9,800.00 Collection in person Beautiful Like New 2022 - 6' x 8' Mobile Bar Trailer/Bar on Wheels.

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horse trailer converted to coffee shop

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