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five positive effects of colonization in ghana

Negative effects of colonialism. A point to note is that before the scramble for Africa took place, almost all countries across this continent lacked the formal education. Over time, colonizers often came to prefer certain ethnic groups in a colony over others, reinforcing or even exacerbating ancient ethnic tensions. Development of political parties: Before the coming of colonialism the concept of political parties and election was abstract in Africa. By the mid-18th century the coastal scene was dominated by the presence of about 40 forts controlled by Dutch, British, or Danish merchants. In these circumstances the mutually suspicious European interests were reluctant to embark on new political responsibilities. In this regards, the British colonizers in a country such as Kenya came up with the modern way of farming and at the same time introduced cash crops such as coffee, pyrethrum, and tea. As a result of colonialism, there was the establishment of education in many African countries which positively developed African continent. This environmental damage can harm the natural world and humans relying on the impacted resources. Ghana goods, the effects of British Colonialism on Ghana was and still is Your email address will not be published. Indirectly, it can be seen that colonialism actually caused the establishment of political parties in Africa. Addressing these impacts requires improved global cooperation and solidarity, including vaccine equity to enable COVID inoculations that are affordable and accessible to all, she said. Sir Charles Arden-Clarke invited Nkrumah to lead the new administration. Therefore, the introduction of the language of the colonial masters assisted African nations to understand each other and taking advantage of the created unity in building their country. Some ladies are molested even wives are molested right before their husbands; some children were used as a slave. Besides being an online tutor, Ralph is an author and expert digital marketer with proven skills in SEO content writing. 2. introduction of Christianity which can be seen as both a positive The British called the territory the "Gold Coast Colony". One of the fundamental accusations of colonialism is that it entails exploiting the colonized nations natural resources and labor, with profits going to the colonizing power. Whether youre studying times tables or applying to college, Classroom has the answers. For example, most of the African nations had despised the female gender making them face sexual violence and denial of their human rights (Takcs 2015). Required fields are marked *. Thus, the impact of European contact with Africa and Ghana in particular, have been both positive and negative. Take for instance, Oba Overamwen was deported in 1896 after the Berlin Massacre and he later died in exile. Disunity among Ghanaians as they became pawns to different European powers e.g. However, such progress came at the expense of harsh treatment by the colonizers. History Research Paper Writing Services, Essay servicesoffered This gave rise to the name Gold Coast, by which the country was known until 1957. In many African colonies, missionaries shouldered much of the responsibility for educating the masses. Political advancement tended to lag behind economic and social development, especially in the south (for the role of the Northern Territories was principally the supply of cheap labour for the Gold Coast and Asante). What really brought the country together was the great development of its economy following the rapid expansion of cocoa growing by farmers in the forest. The new wealth, tools and arms, and techniques and ideas introduced through close contact with Europeans initiated political and social as well as economic changes. Very good please can you include the reference and author, Very good material, well summarize and very easy to understand. DISCLOSURE. In certain circumstances, colonial powers invested in infrastructure projects in the areas they ruled, such as constructing roads, schools, and hospitals. Enhancement of Civilization. A partnership developed between the two, so power was rapidly transferred to an all-African cabinet responsible to a popularly elected national assembly. Attempts to introduce similar elements of indirect rule in the Gold Coast served mainly to stimulate a nationalist opposition among the educated professional classes, especially in the growing towns, which aimed at converting the legislative council into a fully responsible parliament. A section of people has argued that colonization had negative effects in comparison to its positive outcomes. The Gold Coast was declared a British colony in that same year, with the Asante still outside the colonial borders. In July 1972 a retroactive Subversion Decree was enacted under which military courts were empowered to impose the death penalty for offenses such as subversive political activity, robbery, theft, and damaging public property, and, from 1973, for the spreading of rumours and profiteering. Literacy through Education. The modern ages that were seen all around are as a result of colonization, every farmland was removed, trees that help the environment were fetched, there is massive industrialization which causes most of the health effects we are seeing all around in the countries today. The repression of indigenous traditions may result in the colonial people losing their cultural identity. There traditional ways of life were being increasingly modified by contact with Europeans and their trade, and when, beginning in the latter part of the 18th century, Asante armies began to invade the coastal states, their peoples tended to look for leadership and protection to the European traders in the forts. The Asante union, after establishing its dominance over other neighbouring Akan states, expanded north of the forest to conquer Bono, Banda, Gonja, and Dagomba. grammatical name Development of morden transport and communication systems: Majority of the celebrated technologies that has helped to make transportation easy in Nigeria and other parts of Africa were put in place by the colonial masters. There was intellectual robbery; material stealing and generational emolument were deprived. He drew attention to new working methods, that allow the Committee to hear first from the territories before considering related resolutions. The introduction of the slave trade led to many inter-ethnic conflicts, The instability did not help social and economic development, The cream of Ghanaian population and labour force was deported to the new world. However, the technological advancement brought by the colonizers in the field of healthcare helped in coming up with improved medical facilities and services leading to a reduction in the death cases (Taiwo 2010). In the 18th century, slave trade was banned in Britain, however, there was a tribe that caused a lot of trouble for Britain. 1. As founder and director at CEGAST, he has successfully coached thousands of students in English, Literature, and related subjects for major international examinations. Colonialism may result in a brain drain in colonial nations when experienced professionals and intellectuals depart to pursue opportunities in the colonizing power or other countries. Furthermore, it permitted the civilization to take place on this continent leading to women empowerment which later enabled them to take part in the development of their countries. There are some ancient and historical elements and artifacts that were stolen from Africa countries and taken to the British Museum. The consequences of colonialism are "still being felt to this day", Chef de Cabinet Courtenay Rattray told the Special Committee on Decolonization on Friday. Initially Europes main interest in the country was as a source of gold, a commodity that was readily available on the coast in exchange for such European exports as cloth, hardware, beads, metals, spirits, arms, and ammunition. the formal system of education which saw many shs being set up,the However, it is crucial to note that implementing democratic processes were often selective and did not always include the indigenous people. The legacy of colonialism may have long-term consequences for colonized nations, such as economic inequality and continuing political and social challenges. There was resource diversion, most of the profits made on the agricultural and other trading done in Africa were all shifted to the taskmaster nation, to develop their nation but give a stipend to the nation they got the resources from. The idea of colonialism was introduced to make Africa forever dependent on the colonial masters. Rise and growth of coastal towns: Small fishing and salt-producing villages like Axim, Dixcove, Secondi, Apam Otuam Winneba, Accra Prampram, Keta, Ada etc grew into busy market centres. The following Europeans worked tirelessly on the writing of various local Ghanaian languages. WAEC There are areas where it really contributed positively and Africa is still enjoying some of those positive effects till today. Take a quick look at the major positive effects of the coming of the Europeans to Ghana and the rest of Africa. Therefore, all our works will be submitted with a FREE Turnitin plagiarism report. Based on the Word Net lexical database for the English Language. Most Africa countries were colonized even to the point of their thought and culture. The states north of the forest, hitherto the wealthiest and most powerful, declined in the face of new combinations farther south. 5. Positive and negative effects of colonialism in Africa, Also see: Why indirect rule was successful in the North: 8 major reasons. Government schools typically focused on training for low-level civil service occupations. Apartheid. 2. In many territories, colonizing powers created centralized governments where none existed before. better grades Poor feeding, some were Pearce with a hot iron and were maltreated like non-living objects. There are many benefits which Ghana has derived from the coming of Europeans to the country. Ever since the British colonized Africa nations, there has been a breach in the economy of the nation, the mode of economic operation of the colonial master was different from the one African practices before they were colonized. Economic dependence and exploitation: In as much that the colonialism brought development into Africa, it was also a form of exploitation too. If you have any contributions on the positive and negative effects of colonialism in Africa, kindly drop it below! The new wealth, tools and arms, and techniques and ideas introduced through close contact with Europeans initiated political and social as well as economic changes. 4. Destruction of indigenous culture due to certain Christian teachings against customs and traditions e.g. In fact, it was actually practiced by the colonial Masters because they were the ones in need of slaves then. English comprehension These effects of European presence in Ghana were social, political, economic and linguistic, among many others. Development of Infrastructure. High level of slave trade, deportation and humiliation of Africans: With the introduction of colonialism, the idea of slave trade was introduced in Africa. The colonial era affected the variety of Africa's historical development for it was quite the game changer since it put a halt to the continuous drain of scarce labor and paved the way for the expansion of land concentrated forms of agriculture, and engaging smallholders, estates, and communal farms. Emergence of merchant princes: Some enterprising Ghanaians who served under the Portuguese, Dutch and English traders got rich and became important members of society e.g. Colonialism fostered cultural interchange between colonial and colonized nations, resulting in sharing information and ideas. 6. Ralph teaches English for Academic Purposes (EAP) online. This is a beneficial trend since democracy is often connected with freedom and equality. We can now communicate with people from other continents, join international organizations and even enter into contract with countries in other continent just because of western education. For example, some of the African countries used traditional methods of farming which were ineffective and hindered their development (Allison 2012). However, such progress came at the expense of harsh treatment by the colonizers. One can not only write on the negative Impacts Of Colonialism In Africa without looking at eh beneficial aspect of this act. of culture in the sense that some babaric acts which were being Poverty in South Africa; African residents unable to own land but whites can, go figure. Economics Write My Essay The total sovereignty a nation should enjoy was no longer there. human resources, the interference in local politics, the increasing Manage Settings Where you can buy, negotiate or trade for land. We shall first look at the positive effects of European presence in Ghana. Some even go as far as diverting some of the crafty men from this continent to their countries and are used as a slave without good pay. In certain situations, colonization enhanced the indigenous populations living conditions by bringing new technology and improving infrastructure. And therefore, submit their own work. Some argue that colonizing powers should compensate colonized nations and populations. It was the period of both economic development and at eh same time thorns on eth flesh of all black men. History Dissertation Writing Services Keywords: education, colonialism, postcolonial, missionaries, Christianity Many people in Ghana use the word "education" to refer to formal instruction in a European-type school. In colonial nations, the quest for economic gain sometimes resulted in environmental destruction, as natural resources were plundered without concern for the long-term environmental effects. Christallar Akan, The Causes and Effects of the 1948 Accra Riots in Ghana. Each of these factors will now be discussed. The positive effect of British colonial influence has not gone uncontested. Conclusion. Global cooperation is central to addressing its impacts, he underscored, urging the Committee, also known as C-24, to commit to making 2022 a year of recovery for everyone. Right from India to Africa, people were being enslaved and taken to the mother country. The British colonizers tried to control . France should consider the economic and development benefits of partnership with people of African descent,the head of a Working Group appointed by the UN Human Rights Council said in a statement on Monday. The argument for reparations and restitution for colonial misdeeds is also an essential and continuing subject. Some say that colonialism benefited colonized nations significantly through economic growth, increased infrastructure, and the introduction of modern health and education. This is a healthy development since it prevents conflict and preserves peace. We'll get it done. Their culture has been wiped away in many areas, whats positive about that? if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'cegastacademy_com-leader-2','ezslot_13',609,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-cegastacademy_com-leader-2-0');SEE ASLO: Top 7 Reasons for the Colonization of Africa. The psychological impacts of colonialism on colonized populations might include emotions of helplessness and anger. I recommend that you read this work carefully because alot will be said about colonial rule in general. 3. From the discussion, it is without a doubt that colonization played a significant role in bringing development to the African nations. It was the wars fought during 1873-1874 that actually led to the firm entrenchment of British interests within the area. However, it is essential to note that these benefits were frequently unequally distributed, with colonized elites having better access to education and healthcare than the general population. From that book, we could see how the colonial masters treated African culture as inferior and theirs as superior. Where no one objects. 3. 7. In this tutorial on the History of Ghana and West Africa at large, I will give you straightforward points to assist you to answer any History question on the effects of the coming of Europeans to Ghana and the rest of West Africa. It is also worth remembering that colonialism often resulted in conflicts and resistance inside the colonized region, as indigenous peoples fought being ruled by foreign powers. effects of it and on the other hand he reaped the benefits of it. 18 February 2022 Human Rights. What are the positive and negative effects of colonialism in Africa, Also see: Stages of passing a bill into law in Nigeria. 5. The relationship between the colonizing nation and the colonized nation. What are the positive and negative effects of colonialism in Africa? Senior High School Literature Some claim that colonialism fostered dependency on the colonizing power, resulting in a lack of economic and political self-sufficiency in colonized nations. How positive invironments support the development of young children learning outcome? 3. self help The local people, on the other hand saw the chiefs as puppets, dancing to the tunes of the colonialists, so they lost their respect for them. Fortunately, the colonization initiated equality in the treatment of all genders making African women such as Wangari Mathaai from Kenya to win the Noble Peace Prize of 2004 in her contribution in the sustainable development, democracy, and peace. Also, the spread of religion helped in empowering the girl-child and eliminating the discrimination in the treatment of different genders. 2. Statistics on the education of Ghanaian children. Edeh Samuel Chukwuemeka ACMC, is a Law Student and a Certified Mediator/Conciliator in Nigeria. Completing this mandate will require continuing dialogue among the administering powers, the 29 different nations that make up theSpecial Committee,and the Non-Self-Governing Territories. 5. In Southeast Asia, colonialism did have the positive effect of European investment and construction of canals and irrigation systems. senior high school crs How to Make a Disposable Vape Last Longer. Non-African Poetry effect of the coming of the Europeans is that it led to the change In other words, the chiefs were used to implement the programmes of the colonialists under Indirect Rule. When a nation is colonized, it loses its sovereignty and the power to define its fate. This was as a result of the merging of all the regions in 1912 by lord Lugard. The introduction of a central bank which supplied all the French colonies the same currency helped to promote inter-state trade among the colonies. totally abandoned.Negative effects such as the over exploitation of Briefly, colonialism is the act by which a superior nation enslaves a less powerful nation and keeps charge of all their, social-economic activities, education, government, and all parastatals and cadre of such nation. African Drama The basic idea behind colonization had aspects of economic dependency baked right into it. We can only progress toward a more equal and just world by comprehending the whole picture.

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