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EcoPlus is designed to influence the amount of fuel a car intakes, no matter the kind of fuel used. I personally think the prices are far too low and should be ABOVE 6.00 USD/gallon to drive better consumer behavior and buying choices. The EcoPlus fuel saver is safe to use and there is no known harm associated with using the device; this can be confirmed from reviews given by users. I clicked on a Youtube video the other day and the first ad I had to sit through was a video for the EcoBox Fuel Saver, an OBD2 device you plug into your cars OBD2 port that automatically calibrates your cars fuel consumption to use less fuel. Here, I have a schematic that I draw from this unit. Biden DOES have the ability to seriously impair US oil production, which removed us from NET ENERGY EXPORTING, which had driven global oil prices down. All the unique features of this fuel saver are listed in this Ecoplus Review3. Dr. Bea, you quack like a duck a s****d uninformed duck! The ECO OBD2 chip is a small, compact, and lightweight device that you can plug into your OBD2 port. There are even some mounts available for attaching it to the rearview mirror. The OBD port, by regulation, is under the dash somewhere near the driver's kneecaps. You can follow these simple steps; EcoPlus tuning box only works within the tolerance of the engine and does not exceed the manufacturers requirements. From plugging into your OBD-2 port to sliding into your cars cigarette lighter, all these devices promise remarkable fuel savings as the electronic device learns and optimizes your cars engine for maximum efficiency. It is difficult with many of the devices available and would be extremely expensive. No, the Ecotune OBD2 plug-and-play fuel saver does not work, is programmed to play a convincing sequence of LED lights, and is a waste of your time and money.Oct 7, 2021 Does Eco Chip really save fuel? In 2020, the United States still imported 7.9 million barrels of crude oil and other petroleum products a day. What a smart idea! Effuel ECO OBD2 reviews. The way to reduce crony capitalism is to make the government smaller. D***** J. T**** had this country on the right track and was cheated out of the election because he was holding up the agenda of the invisible hands that run this country. - Alt Car news, Does the EcoChip fuel saver work? So far it has worked great. With no way to talk to your cars ECU and engine, theres literally no way for this device to tune your car for better fuel efficiency. How do they get by with total BS on a product like this. The only way to know for sure from a consumer standpoint is to actually obtain one or more of these and try them out for oneself, although there plenty of derogatory and disparaging comments all over the net, but even these are opinionated probably because these products come from China. However, Effuel does claim to improve fuel efficiency by 15% to 35%. Now the oil companies are making 10s of billions of dollars a quarter in profits not net but,PROFIT on the backs of the gas buying public. Clearly Ecotune is dropping a lot of money on ad space recently. Totally loved how you explain that makes 100% sense cant believe so many people are scared sheep we just have to keep putting the truth out there and hopefully those v***d will leave us un****d folks alone! This device is a load of c**p! I remember that! The more sheep the more Shepherds pal! Simply put, do not buy the EcoBox Eco OBD2 fuel saver or any similar looking type of device. On one vehicle it did not increase my fuel mileage at all. People obviously have nothing, BETTER to do! EcoPlus is a chip tuning box that can be connected to the OBD2 connector of your car to minimize fuel consumption. 3. they like the conspiracy ideas behind it, that big companies are trying to stop you from saving fuel, but buy this and you can unlock being a part of a inside group that cheats the oil companies. I dont normally reply to peoples comments on these types of sites but yours I simply cant resist, and all I can really say is this YOU ****I*G A ARE 100 AND 10% CORRECT. I would give anything in the world to see your statement become a reality and if you ever decide to run for president then know this, you have at least one guaranteed vote from me. Stop thinking youre educated because you watch the mainstream news channels and really educate yourselves. It's lower when the engine is ticking over at idle, even though the throttle is almost completely closed and is admitting hardly any air to the intake. Had Trump still been in, you wouldnt be seeing these prices as we were energy dependent in our own country. Biden with all of his faults is 1000% more qualified for the office he assumed as POTUS than the fool called Trump. Yet the library, like the health department and social services department, Gov. (Note: Ecoplus fuel saver settings are different and optimized for each vehicle and you may not need to make additional adjustments). They need *****!!! However, allow me to throw my change at the conversation. In 1974 I moved to Texas because the the price of gas was too high where I lived at .39 cents a gallon. Copyright 2023, MarylandReporter.com. First off, the trend towards energy independence for the USA began about a decade before Trump took office. This Ecomax Fuel Saver is a lie. No physics textbook needed. []. You can easily transfer it between cars as the EcoPlus device is a universal fit product and requires no setup. Funny that none of them do. NitroOBD2 Chip Tuning Box for Diesel and Benzine Cars, make your vehicle Lower Fuel and Lower Emission, 1. I choose NOT to believe it and chock it up to placebo effect. Im certain only a small percentage of you Harvard educated brains know anything about ****** **. **** **** ***** ********** ***** *** **** *** ****** *****. Where do you get your information,? Placement of various other things is different from the second unit, although from outward appearances, both are identical. Lmao some people are so dense. You are making an assumption that people like this have even the slightest interest in the truth. The Ecobox OBD2 fuel saver device is a scam, does not work the way it's advertised, is a complete waste of money, and should be avoided at all costs. Here's my take on gas savers: They don't work. It will not improve your cars engine performance or quality. Just an observation, much easier to kill off people with a slow acting death jab than to return all of that stolen money. Here are a few EcoChip reviews to help you decide if this device is best for you. One of the benefits of the EcoPlus is its ability to save fuel consumption by up to 55%. You think only Trump supporters are stupid? The Effuel EcoOBD2 will automatically start collecting data and after the 150 Km mark, it will start to make a difference to the fuel consumption of your car. Whoever created the EcoBox Eco OBD2 fuel saver is trying to take advantage of this news, advertising a device that delivers 30% fuel savings (which is 15% more than the devices in the videos above. Despite the convincing video with proof and website testimonials praising the Ecotune OBD2 fuel saver, I can confidently say that this Ecotune OBD2 fuel saver is just like all the others and is likely a scam. Based on the data and our analysis, we believe that a significant portion of the remaining excess deaths are driven by deferred medical care and individuals who recover from C***D but later die from the toll C***D has taken on their bodies.. Besides this, the chip may assist in the collection of vehicle data such as the volume of gasoline consumed and other parameters such as . Payments on the EcoPlus purchase can be made directly using your credit card or Paypal, whichever way you prefer. The EcoPlus Review is rated 4.9 out of 5.0 by numerous customers who have used it recently. if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[336,280],'tiremeetsroad_com-box-4','ezslot_6',109,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-tiremeetsroad_com-box-4-0'); OBD II?? The more you drive, the map is renewed thus keeping the cars fuel consumption optimized for your driving style. Effuel is also called an Eco-OBD2 connector because it goes in your OBD2 interface of the car. Not a chance. Does the Ecotune OBD2 Fuel-Saver actually work? Any decent mechanic should be able to install one in an hour. The fact that any company can defraud consumers is a testament to the moral decay in our society and business community. If you dont like Effuel, you can unplug it to restore your ECU to its default settings. lol. Also known as an EcoOBD2 plug, Effuel and similar devices claim to potentially save you hundreds of dollars per year on gas. I specifically remember it as it was the same day my engine blew up. Green Matters is a registered trademark. Remapping the fuel table requires actually doing something with the fuel tables. Turn on the engine. The OBD port on our car is at a convenient point to power the GPS and it has that handy 12V connection, however the ODB plugs (the proper ones) are about 8 Euro each in one-off quantities. So yes, EcoVeco is a scam. It claims that the functionality of the chip is based on OBD2 protocols and aids in reprogramming the computer's CPU in the vehicle. We are trying it in multiple outfits from 2002 to 2018 just to see. How far you going to drive that gas guzzler t $100.00/ gal? While there are no cheap and easy fixes like these devices promise there are free tips and helpful practices that you can use right now. We had covid both years but the vaccine only in 2021. You have been listening to your buddy trump and all the crazy blogs that are put out there. Now in Texas the largest oil producing state with the number 1,2 and 4th largest refineries in the US at the time had gas lines or no gas. EcoPlus settings are different but optimized for each vehicle and you might not need to make any extra adjustments. First, they suggest turning off your engine when your car is parked for more than 10 seconds. For one, the DiscountFuelReport.com domain name was literally created seven days ago. Similarly, SabiReviews goes in-depth on why the EcoChip doesn't work. And fuel consumption is something an economic-conscious car owner looks out for in a new vehicle. Save your money for the next fillup. Biden doesnt control the world. So he has no problem killing all Americans off for more power. The Effuel ECO OBD2 chip regulates fuel consumption through the ECU in the car, where it is attached. Does Effuel device really work to save on fuel and gas cost or are there any negative reviews? PeopleSnake Oil has existed since the last glaciation. Step 6 Get started. Electronic devices It is claimed to increase vehicle fuel economy by up to 25% through power conditioning of the vehicles electrical systems, but Consumer Reports detected no difference in economy or power in tests on ten separate vehicles, finding that the device did nothing but light up. After all, 14K REPORTED VEARS deaths (and thats just the tip of the iceberg, but your feeble intellect doesnt warrant an explanation) is nothing, right? The government doesnt even know how much gas the oil companies have. I CANNOT WAIT! Sorry, the world's not that simple. The truth is:Capitalism funds what socialism spends! It will be easier to remove the item from your car if needed. [] it sounds great, but according to TMR and other sources, the device is nothing more than an LED light show that cant even communicate []. 6 Super Bowl Commercials That Highlighted Sustainability, The USPS Proposes New Vehicles With Worse Gas Mileage Than Hummers. PM has debunked more $10, Whats New With F1 Tires for the 2023 Season, Your Privacy Choices: Opt Out of Sale/Targeted Ads. I've found at least one vehicle that showed fuel economy several percent higher than the actual economy during expressway driving and several percent too low while driving in the city. BWI serves more than 51,000 passengers a day, and 36 airlines provide domestic, international, commuter, charter and cargo flights out of the airport. Yes, built-in warning indicators let a driver know if anything is wrong with the engine's internal processes. Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe your king Drumpf was lying****. So the gas company raised the price of gas 8 cents a gallon in the end everyone was happy. Utilize a vehicle's ECU (electronic control unit) power for Nitro OBD2, increasing horsepower and torque outputs. A performance chip protects the engine from future . Next, their success story from Paul, the cab driver uses a photo owned by the Boston Globe (story linked here.) ***** ***** **** ** ** **** *** *** *** ***** ******** *** ****** ****** ** *********** ********* ******* *****, ******* *** ****** ** **** ********** ** *** *** ************** ** ****** ** ******* *** *** ** *******. Don't have an OEM gauge? For those of you who think anybody but, the greedy oil companies control the price of and production of gas are delusional! Jones' bench test did reveal that the ECO OBD2 device did do one thing for a vehicle: Draw power. The ECO OBD2 unit has a reset button. The price of gas if memory serves more than doubled to a high of 77 cents a gallon. Just plug Effuel into your. It will adjust to the fuel level within a few minutes of being. I bought the one that came with a $10 certificate good for gas at any Mobile station. Please explain how I can do this. Got 300 miles.Plugged this device in and got remarkable 279 miles. You can install the EcoPlus easily by plugging it into your cars On-Board Diagnostics II (OBD2) port. It takes at least 4 weeks to get a barrel of oil from a well head in the US to the gas pump! I have never found a written contract saying this but, it took the congress and presidents forcing car companies to make their cars more fuel efficient. We compared both the pros and cons in this EcoPlus Reviews, The EcoPlus is only available for purchase online on the products official website and cannot be gotten at a physical retail store, We gathered all the Frequently Asked Questions for the EcoPlus Review and you can find them below. Thanks for being SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO consistent(HAHAHANOT!) lol. We Americans pay far less for Gasoline or Diesel than other Industrialized Nations. Its worth noting that these recent spikes in gas prices are mostly a short-term affect of demand outpacing supply. Continue with Recommended Cookies. Capable to use on turbo petrol as well as diesel cars, the Nitro OBD2 works based on the remapping of the vehicle's computer ECU through highly specialized OBD2 protocols. It comes shipped with Velcro, but I prefer 3M Dual Lock. Should I Choose Summer Tires Or All-Weather Tires? In general, Effuel is an innovative product that can truly optimize your car's fuel system and save a lot of fuel bills. 15 MIN INSTALL. The EcoPlus fuel saver is pre-programmed, hence, very easy to use. I can run at 50mph without any cornflakes for breakfast. Ask them if they voted for (or otherwise support/believe) Trump. You only need to plug it into your car's OBD2 port. In the illustration is an example of a Type A OBD2 pin connector (also sometimes referred to as the Data Link Connector, DLC). But took my truck for a drive yesterday, usually have to let it run for a few minutes but not then didnt try to cut off. Learn some basic Economics. Thats a promise. This deal costs only $59.97 along with free delivery and a guarantee of results. Try making some points instead with our near descendants dont they deserve to enjoy life too?So as much as it makes me want to commit social suicide by saying this No matterThanks Biden for facing an entire nation of political cry babies and really getting America moving on green motives. Eco fuel saverworks well and is compatible with almost every car in the market that operates with the OBD2. Unlikely. Test needs to be run several times with several different pieces of the same equipment for you to gauge accurate test results and turn previous plausible assumptions into near-irrefutable conclusions, HeyThanks for the tip on this BS ecoveco I thought I would check its valalidity first, am I greatfull for guys like you Thanks. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. RAN TWO WEEKS WITH IT OFF, RESET COMPUTER (DISCONNECT BATTERY)- MILEAGE DROPPED IMMEDIATELY, AND NOTICEABLE LOWER RESPONSIVENESS. YouTube needs to take responsibility for scamming people. You save 75% on the purchase. I get 5 to six MPG more with the device. Be careful, those wings wont fit on a bridge. So if you want things to change vote out any member of congress that doesnt back more fuel efficient cars or is backed by mysterious pacs or doesnt support term limits for congress or has been in office before you were born!Now to fuel efficiency as I said before my 1960 36 hp VW Bug got 40 mpg. And just as the advertisement accompanying this thread goes, pouring a pint of Coca-Cola into your tank will give you 400 miles to the gallon! Dude, you need to log off Facebook and your Truth Social app for a minute. are GENUINELY, wholeheartedly interested in saving the people,the country, the world, oh what the hell, the UNIVERSE from falling into the bottomless pit of misinformation and destroying this perfect life we all enjoy(thank you social media), I am expecting AT ANY MOMENT the removal of ads for EcoBox, just like they removed President Trump, thus saving us from a tragic end to humanity! a chance to become a millionaire!!!!! Who can fight 3 billion people??? C***d is real or was I should say cuz all of a sudden its gone just as fast as it came. Connect this hydrogen generator to your intake and run your car on water. Switch on the ignition but do not start the car. You'll need a lightly traveled road to use this, obviously, but a half-hour of paying close attention to what's going on under your right foot can save a lot of money. The one I like now theyre pushing is the everyone who gets the jab will be dead in 3 to5 years. No doubt you were gullible enough to vote for Sleepy Joe Biden, who has really messed up the economy! The Ecoplus fuel saver does not require maintenance, Ecoplus reduces fuel consumption to nearly 55% depending on how you drive. How Does It Work? Another winter driver tipalways keep a gallon or two of antifreeze in your trunk to keep your engine block from freezing. if the people dont wise up, the usa will be no longer exist within a few years. You enjoy a maximum reduction in fuel consumption in your vehicle. SEE IF ONE IS AVAILABLE FOR YOUR CAR. Perhaps when you reach the third grade you will find some enlightenment.or not. However, Effuel does claim to improve fuel efficiency by 15% to 35%. Some of them are based on a mistaken application of a technology that does work under other circumstances, such as water injectors. There is one thing that never seems to be mentioned or offered:-You bought this item to tell us if it works and save us money WHO REFUNDS YOU AFTER ALL YOU ARE OUT OF POCKET TO HELP others so allow me to give back some of your lost cash.Lance. Jason, you need to check yourself into a mental institution ASAP. There are discounts available on the products official website and you save more when you buy more units of the EcoPlus, Buying the EcoPlus on the official website is the safest way to buy the product and the following options are available to the buyer. Think this is an AE86? All I know is Birds arent real. Several years ago we had a Grand Am that needed some work and they replaced the fuel pump inside the gas tank, fixed the ignition problem that occurred due to having too much weight in the keys that hung into the switch, and did a minor tune-up, all for around $1200+. Self fulfilling prophecy youre hyper aware of your fuel mileage so your driving behavior is subtly altered. Still, there is that small possibility that this could conceivably be engineered and created by some whiz kids. It is connected to the OBD2 connector of a vehicle and this OBD2 connector is found around the driver's side. Show more Show. 3. if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[320,50],'tiremeetsroad_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_33',107,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-tiremeetsroad_com-medrectangle-4-0'); The Ecobox OBD2 fuel saver device is a scam, does not work the way its advertised, is a complete waste of money, and should be avoided at all costs. basically the use of petrol is a scam so you will waste money on your gas. Now your car is ready for action.. The OBD2 connector. If it actually worked, the oil companies would have made the creator disappear long before the product ever hit the market. Which one of you is getting paid to write your comments? Since there have been all sorts of comments here and none are much more than bad-mouthing or even off-topic, that is the best anyone can do, short of really knowing how to dissect and professionally test these eco chips. Of course we will never know. One caveat: If your vehicle has a trip computer that shows the fuel economy on the dash, be suspicious. I plugged the fuel saving device up my bum. Click Here To Buy EcoPlus Fuel Saver at the Lowest Available Price From the Official Website. I put it in my truck got exactly the same average, I wrote to their customer service who never got back to me to ask if I was doing something wrong. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can buy the EcoPlus directly on the EcoPlus official website. And yeah, the EcoBox is b****t. The device does NOTHING to communicate with a vehicle's ECM, and so can do NOTHING to alter fuel efficiency. Highest regard sirMichael John Ferreira. For whatever you purchase this for but, its a scam. Bob You r the smartest person ive heard say anything in ages its great to know someone else hasnt been hypnotized! 1. The company guarantees savings within 30 days or your money back. You can save fuel. Click the photo to find out the truth! ECO OBD2 is a cost-effective and affordable way to reduce vehicle fuel consumption. It actually set off several lights on my dash. From 2016-2017, the trend stalled out. The standard SAE J1962 specifies two female OBD2 16-pin connector types (A & B). Reason would be so we have control of all the oil once everyone elses oil is gone. For many who believe in the vehicles to find these to work day-after-day, this is a question one appears time to time. Doing actual research (like the 5 seconds it took me to google it) is too much work. He can hardly say 3 sentences without stumbling. Great Product!!. Yeah, no. It doesnt even make sense the it could work on all cars always. The best value deal includes Buy Two Effuel and Get another Effuel for free! It makes fuel consumption more efficient, allowing for better savings by reducing gas consumption. Now theres a trustworthy source, not! Carbon dioxide from gas contributes to global climate change, so any device that can reduce or remove the need for fuel is an excellent resource. Final Verdict of Effuel Reviews. Nationwide pandemic SNAP food aid ending, could impact 360,000 Maryland households; gas industry official out as Gov. Thanks for your comment, Deb. Pour this additive into your tank and double your mileage. It claims that the functionality of the chip is based on OBD2 protocols and aids in reprogramming the computer's CPU in the vehicle. So I tried this and because my trucks heat hasnt been working have been able to drive truck when its been very code. The actual cab drivers name is Celestin, and the story is about banks loans. The ad this time tries to tell that narrative that the creator was kicked out of Harvard days after refusing to sell his invention to The Big Oil Companies. Simply plug the device in your vehicle's OBD2 socket and let the device do the rest! Omg! Its easy to reverse these changes and then just remove them from your port. Over 3 million people die in this country every year and now 200 million plus of them have been vaccinated. You can usually just sneak the hose through the grommet that the wiring harness already uses. You don't want to pay so much attention to how much gas you're saving that you crash into something. I called today 60 days out asked for a refund. These types of OBD2 fuel savers and this exact design (shape, color, and advertising) have been around for years and have all been debunked as nothing more than OBD2 dongles that play a specific sequence of LEDs. How do they even survive from day to day? You should have placed a link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TvuettmrSs put it in a real car he blew a fuse and didnt do further testing, and in the comments there are multiple users that claim it works Both the videos here do not test functions one dude goes to the conclusion that data pins are connected but he doesnt know if it works meaning totally a waste of time to watch it the other guy proves that it gives no data out to the fake random generating values engine, within the first few minutes of operations, while the device claims that analyzed data and after many miles starts tuning the engine. Tim Robinson Reviewed in the United States says The EcoPlus is an excellent product. Lmao maybe they can hook it up to their on board diagnostic sarcasmometer. The fuel saver device is designed to work with the OBD2 Connector of your vehicle, and it remaps the engine according to driving style and reduces the overall fuel consumption of your car. All Rights Reserved. More Homeowners and Car Owners Alike Are Getting Solar Carports Should You? It must be held for at least 5 seconds. This ad is hitting the UK right now along with other scam energy saving devices (plug this tiny device into your socket and itll warm your entire house for pennies). The rich and powerful have all the cards and you are rolling loaded dice that always come up snake eyes. After hand release, wait between 30-60 seconds. I bought several and installed it on my cars, after filling up my Cadillac I then drove it and after 50 miles of driving I had to pull off by the side of the roadway and cipher 5 gallons of gas from the car due to the gas overflowing from my tank.I learned that if you fill your gas tank up to full mark and after driving 50 miles you will have to remove some of the gasoline to keep it from overflowing your gas tank. if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'tiremeetsroad_com-banner-1','ezslot_8',112,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-tiremeetsroad_com-banner-1-0');if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'tiremeetsroad_com-banner-1','ezslot_9',112,'0','1'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-tiremeetsroad_com-banner-1-0_1');.banner-1-multi-112{border:none!important;display:block!important;float:none!important;line-height:0;margin-bottom:7px!important;margin-left:auto!important;margin-right:auto!important;margin-top:7px!important;max-width:100%!important;min-height:250px;padding:0;text-align:center!important}. Both videos first show how, when powered on by an external power supply and not an actual car, the OBD2 dongle plays a specific, yet convincing, LED light show meant to fool its user into thinking this device is actually talking and tuning your cars engine for better fuel efficiency. Also, it. If thats not proof enough amateur DIY-er Valentina Sanders took apart a similar, if not the same OBD2 device, drew a detailed schematic of the supposed fuel saver, and concluded, corroborating what EEV Blog concluded himself that, This unit DOES NOT have any connection to OBD communication.

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